Second Watsoversary – France


I’m writing this post six days after my actual Watsoversary as I wait for my train to Lyon, France. I’ve been without Internet for the past couple of days so I’m quite behind on writing and uploading my posts. Nevertheless, this particular post is very important because it commemorates my second month on this one year journey! In these past few weeks, I’ve really challenged myself, traveling to various countries and continents, trying things I never thought I would, and forming connections with people in peculiar but extremely fulfilling ways in very short time periods. Here are the stories!

  • I went to a Peruvian celebration where I saw and learned about some wonderful dances and rituals.
  • I was fortunate enough to try homemade Peruvian and Venezuelan food for the first time, both times with my friend Modesta.
  • I saw the amazing castellers of Catalunya and even helped form an impressive tower by joining the piña (tight bottom level).
  • I visited three cities in Morocco, including the Medina in Fez (a World Heritage Site).
  • I rode with six other people in a taxi multiple times.
  • I lived out of one single backpack for a couple of weeks.
  • I listened (and danced) to Mexican Banda music and Enrique Iglesias with two Moroccan friends at a cafe.
  • I crossed a border on foot for the first time, twice.
  • I vomited in public… twice.
  • I Couchsurfed for the first time. I really went for it, doing it two times in a row, technically in different countries (Nador, Morocco and Melilla, Spain) but in the same continent.
  • I spent nearly two weeks eating Peanut Butter or Nutella sandwiches and apples.
  • I had my first (hopefully last) scary sickness and foolish injury, all in the same week.
  • I had my first real need for some comfort food after getting sick in Morocco, so I ate a burger–my first after a year of vegetarianism.
  • I went to the hospital in Madrid and had an expensive X-ray done.
  • I crossed continents on a ferry (and an injured foot).
  • I intentionally slept at Madrid’s Barajas airport.
  • I was in a powerful performance piece at a women’s conference. Watch some of it here!
  • I finally ate tapas while sitting at a terrace in Spain.
  • I ate tunas (cactus fruit) for the first time.
  • When I stayed with Couchsurfer hosts in Morocco and Melilla, I adjusted to eating four times a day – breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner (around 10pm!).
  • I drank bottled water for the first time since I was in high school, which I’m quite bummed about.
A picture of my bruised right foot I’ve talked about so much

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