Reminiscing on Mercados

I spent 6 weeks in Peru walking, eating, getting lost, and meeting hard working women at the mercados of Lima and Cusco. I  l o v e mercados because they are wild with life. Stepping into one is like entering another small world with its own rules. If you go to a mercado, simply pay attention to the children sitting next to their working mothers or running among the stands. They know their way. The mercado aisles are mapped on the soles of their feet; the phonetics of haggling wrapped around their tongues; their ears are attuned to the lullaby of cajoling voices merged with songs and chatter.

The best part of mercados is that they expand and grow around you. They react and adjust to the presence of visitors, it welcomes you in. And as you become part of it, your senses will be enhanced and I bet you’ll accept that anything is possible.

I’ll never forget the masses of people in Gamarra on Christmas Eve; the beautiful mantas strapping children to the backs of women in Cusco; the yellow aisles and burning incense on New Years Eve; the time the fire-fighters finally came to save the cat that was stuck in a tree for six days; drinking out of plastic bags; eating on plastic stools facing strangers; and discovering new colorful vegetables, cuy corpses, and llama fetuses.

And I’ll never forget all of the women that made room for me at their stands, who fed me, shared their dreams with me, and taught me the importance of trying again and again, of defining ‘failure’ for myself.



Mercadito de Surquillo ~ Gamarra ~ San Pedro ~El Paraiso ~ San Juan de Miraflores ~ Pisac ~ El Baratillo ~ Feria Ecologica de Barranco ~ Mercado Surquillo N.1


IMAG0020 IMAG0110 SAM_5888IMAG0262 IMAG0556IMAG0598IMAG0046 IMAG0591SAM_5927IMAG0111 IMAG0368IMAG0474
IMAG0366 IMAG0596IMAG0375 IMAG0367IMAG0603

IMAG0261IMAG0376 IMAG0265SAM_5928IMAG0124 IMAG0389SAM_5907



IMAG0364 IMAG0357IMAG0526

IMAG0378 IMAG0189

IMAG0360 IMAG0593IMAG0525

IMAG0340 IMAG0383
IMAG0168 IMAG0104IMAG0594




IMAG0601 IMAG0469IMAG0478

IMAG0356 IMAG0254




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