Fear, Fondue, & Friendship


The weekend following the March, MuMaLa got together to have a night of wine and chocolate fondue. Aside from being extremely delicious, it was so nice to be able to witness this gathering and even more to be a part of it.

I had been feeling really stressed all week– as I tend to do when a project country is wrapping up–worrying about what’s next and also feeling quite doubtful about the last 8 months. I tend to fall into a trap of comparing my choices and decisions to those of others, and even though I don’t actually know what other Watson fellows are doing I just assume they’re “doing it better” by traveling to more countries, planning more weekend trips, creating something awesome about their project, etc, etc, etc. The fact that my fellowship will be ending in less than 3 months simply exacerbated all my worries and insecurities.

Walking into Raquel’s living room and being welcomed by 13 women’s smiles smoothed out my anxieties. I can get into my head a lot and get lost in worrying about petty things. With so much happening, I forget what I established even before I left on this trip: that failure can only happen if I’m unable of forming relationships with other women. With so much happening, I sometimes need tiny reminders of this. Moments in which I can step back, take in where I am and with who, and be extremely appreciative of all that I’ve been able to experience and be a part of.

I’m going to miss them greatly.

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