Salta la Linda

I booked my trip to Salta in the north of Argentina four days before leaving the continent. I didn’t know then that this trip would root me to Latin America and make me want to cancel the rest of my itinerary.
I can’t properly say what about Salta made me feel at home, but I felt it as soon as I got off the bus and walked to my hostel.

The highlights during my very short time in Salta included meeting Damian–who worked at the hostel–and climbing to the top of a nearby mountain with him as he explained to me in great detail the political history of Argentina; taking a tour to Salinas Grandes and laying my body on a large salt plain; talking to women vendors about the Virgen de Guadalupe and receiving energy rocks from them; and enjoying local delicacies like llama meat (fat free!), steak napolitano (two eggs+ tomato sauce is the secret to a great steak), humita (large cheese tamal), and Salta’s black beer.


There were dogs sleeping everywhere! I never saw a dog upright and awake.
This burrita was pregnant, look at her huge bump on the right side.


Famous Cerro de 7 colores, although all the colors are only visible in the morning and our bus got there at 4pm 😦
S.A de los Cobres, tiny town in the middle of nowhere where I met the women vendors who were a fan of La Rosa de Guadalupe.


Highest  point above see level

Are those tortillas and quesadillas?! – Pretty close.
Beautifully blinding.
Salt is dug out in large rectangles and eventually the water below rises to the top, dries, and becomes salt again!

Perhaps what I loved most about Salta was how much militancia, activism, political energy, and organizing was present. I never imagined this would’ve been true in a small city in the North of Argentina. Just like I never expected to find a group of women in the Dominican Republic who worked in the male dominated field of tapestry and proudly called each other feminists. I suppose these instances give me hope. There’s a revolution going; people living differently and liberating themselves. Unshackling others. Creating thoughtful and wise movements.


Students protesting cut of music programs – with a full orchestra downtown.
I can’t wait to go back.

6 thoughts on “Salta la Linda

    1. Thanks Tania! I loved being in Latin America, it filled me with a beautiful energy so I’ve decided to make room in my trip and go back. So after Canada, I’ll be going to Guatemala!


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